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WOLFMAN | February 2014

With Wolfman Music Apartment presents an upcoming Swiss act which attracted quite a bit of attention in 2013 and charmed critics as well as listeners with elaborate arrangements and original sound asthetics.

In their songs, Wolfman craftfully explore a variety of wondrous moods and ambivalent sentiments, combine electronic, pop and blues to glittering, spherical sound structures – but still remaining stunningly catchy. This kind of musical finesse rarely remains unnoticed for very long. Hence, it didn’t come as a surprise that Wolfman’s first single «All Is Random» convinced the jury of last year’s Demotape Clinic at the m4music festival and earned them the award in the category «Pop».

The brains behind Wolfman are Katerina Stoykova, grown up in Bulgaria, France, the USA and Switzerland, and Angelo Repetto, designated singer and guitarist of Signori Misteriosi. Their artistic liaison has its origins in Zurich’s notorious 4th district where they have been sharing common ground for quite a while.

At Music Apartment Wolfman will present a selection of songs from their last year’s debut album «Unified», accompagnied and supported by their current live formation.



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