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WARHAUS | 8th September 2016

Warhaus is Maarten Devoldere, one half of the frontmen duo of the Belgian band Balthazar. On 2nd September 2016, his much anticipated debut album «We Fucked A Flame Into Being» is finally being released.

The title is a direct quote from «Lady Chatterley’s Lover», the scandalous novel by the English novelist D. H. Lawrence about a scorching love between a laborer and an aristocratic woman. A fitting title for a collection of songs that explore the shadowy inscrutability of human encounters, reveling in all the decadence and intensity that life offers. «We Fucked A Flame Into Being» opens a pathway to a darkly esoteric lyrical universe, fueled by desire and passion, haunted by the ephemeral, yearning to express the inexpressible.

«I love contradictions,» asserts Devoldere. «They are musically very appealing to me: raw vs. fundamentally passionate, brutal vs. romantic, art vs. kitsch, archaic vs. modern». Invoking ‘60s French pop, imbued with a touch of exoticism and rendered with carelessly sophisticated aplomb, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg are never far away – Devoldere’s songs cleverly coalesce fifty years of music history.

«I’m at the end of my twenties now. With this record I close an important period,» declares Devoldere. «It’s an ode to love, to its excesses and elusiveness. Love songs are a form of advertising: you portray a woman and the listener should fall in love with her, too.» Playing Jane Birkin-esque muse and foil to Devoldere’s post-modern Gainsbourg is Sylvie Kreutsch (pictured with him on the album cover) who contributes seductive backing vocals throughout the album.

At Music Apartment, Warhaus will present a selection of songs from their debut album «We Fucked A Flame Into Being».



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