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OSCAR AND THE WOLF | November 2015

There have been two EPs released as Oscar And The Wolf, recorded when they were a four-piece band, but really the story starts with «Entity», singer Max Colombie‘s solo debut album, which was released in 2014. Full of hypnotic, sensual yet sombre grooves, haunting melodies and just utterly beautiful music, this record was not only an immense success in Belgium, but also created quite some excitement all over Europe.

«Entity» is an album of aching slow jams resulting from Max «going to nightclubs back in Brussels where I was surrounded by a lot of slow beats and people dancing together – it’s really emotional dance music.»

More than other music, «Entity» is influenced by artists and film directors, from Francis Bacon to Roman Polanski. «Basically, fear and sex come together in their work,» the former painting student reflects. If the album were a movie, it would be «pretty dramatic», full of «sex and death and blood».

But why Oscar And The Wolf? «Oscar is a name I really like – it’s poetic and light,» he explains. «And wolf is the dark animal that comes out at night and howls to the full moon, and moon stands for solitude and coldness. It’s bright and dark together, because that’s how I see my music – as a balance between light and dark.»

At Music Apartment, Oscar And The Wolf will present a selection of songs from «Entity».



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