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EGOPUSHER | February 2016

Egopusher are Tobias Preisig (violin) and Alessandro Giannelli (drums). Though coming from very different musical backgrounds, ever since their paths crossed, Switzerland has been gifted with a fabulously playful and radical new band unafraid to tease, provoke and shock.

Contrast and contradiction are at the very core of Egopusher, an unlikely but magical amalgam of lyrical and yet somehow obstreperous violin, and earthy percussion. Or might it be the other way round? One reason their music is so impossible to categorise is the fact that it is a hefty kick in the arse of all clichés generally associated with their respective instruments. Instead, Egopusher confront us with our own fears of the mysterious and the unknown.

«Success» and «failure» are allowed to play an equal part in the creation of their music. Working in their very own sound laboratory which they affectionately call «the basement diary», the duo have experimented with a near-Darwinian formula to arrive at their striking pieces – which are sounding considerably more evil in real life stereo than in black ink on white paper.

After more than one hundred live performances, Egopusher released their self-titled debut EP at the end of November 2015. It contains six songs, all brimming with a power and energy that might well be rooted in the musicians’ conviction that – being well acquainted with failure – they have nothing to lose. The freedom resulting from this position allows Preisig and Giannelli to experiment without fear with myriad sound effects and trespass into all sorts of seemingly foreign territories, carrying the listener along in an intoxicating rush of emotions that ranges from white hot anger to deep tenderness and vulnerability. Only those who fear nothing can grab evil by the horns.

At Music Apartment, Egopusher will present a selection of songs from their debut EP.



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